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Adventures of a Newbie Knitter

I’ve always been drawn to the fiber arts. As kids we always had a project of some sort in the works- sewing, embroidery, needlepoint, cross stitch… And Mom had her trusty Singer Golden Touch & Sew permanently set up and ready for action.

Grandmother was a persistent if uninspired knitter and we would each receive a pair of knit booties and mittens every year for Christmas.

Over the years I tried my hand at knitting several times, but it never “took”. I would get frustrated, didn’t know how to undo mistakes without completely unraveling my work, tension would be all over the place. In short, knitting was a very stressful endeavor and not something I enjoyed. I preferred to sit in my sewing room and listen to the purr of my machine as I created quilts, clothing, and various home décor projects. Or the calm of cross stitch and hand applique while watching TV with my growing family in the evenings.

Border vine for Baltimore Album Quilt

But I have always LOVED yarn. The colors, the textures, the various fibers, and the look of knitted items. So this fall my sister convinced me to try knitting again.

I started small with some inexpensive yarn from my local Walmart and a basic washcloth pattern (You can find the free pattern here.)

My first knit project!

And I love it!!!

If you haven’t tried knitting, or it intrigues you but you can’t seem to quite get it. Don’t give up! Persistance is the key.

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