Your Slip is Showing: Brioche Knitting for Beginners

If you recall from my Fresh Start post, brioche knitting was on my “to learn” list for 2020.

I’m so proud of myself. After owning Nancy Marchant’s Knitting Brioche for a couple of years, and looking through the pages feeling mystified by the charts and the language, I have made a start!

Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration, which I got this week.

Here’s the thing: I was watching the Bluprint class, Brioche Knitting Made Easy, and the first project was a hat. Well, I didn’t want to make a hat, so I went searching for something I could make.

Enter Kate Atherley’s Friday Morning Brioche Shawl, which started the week as a free pattern but is now paid with expanded notes on technique. It looks as though the free version may still be available, but if not, there are plenty more patterns to choose from. Just pick one you like that looks fairly simple. Purl Soho has a few simple yet beautiful brioche patterns.

Anyway, it’s so super easy — at least the one color, with no twists, type of brioche is super easy. Look at how great this looks!

I can’t wait to finish this project and move on to some more brioche elements!

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